18 February 2018

Snubie Brandy Alexander - Now on sale in Sweden! 18 February 2018.

Hey Swedes, guess what? My Snubie Brandy Alexander snus is now on sale in Sweden! I told you it was coming, it just took a little longer than I had planned. I was pleasantly surprised today to see Snusbolaget.se now has it in stock! In case you missed the story of my collaboration with V2 Tobacco, you can check out this article which contains my review and some of the background on creating my first snus product.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go grab some of the best snus on the market - Snubie Brandy Alexander!

Once you've tried it, let me know what you think.  I'm curious to hear what Swedes think of my snus!

Buy Snubie Brandy Alexander from SnusBolaget.se

15 February 2018

Small Batch #2: Blood Orange/Ginger - Preview. 15 February 2018.

Last month, I reviewed Swedish Match's Small Batch #1.  The Small Batch series is a new series from Swedish Match for 2018 that will consist of  5 releases.  The first one was flavored to taste like champagne.  It was quite good!  This one, according to Swedish Match, will have a flavor profile that is a little different. They describe it by saying: "When we discovered the flavors for Small Batch # 2, we searched for a combination of blood potassium and ginger. The result was a snuff of bright tobacco character with clear elements of blood orange, bitter orange and ginger and some chocolate."  The last one was 24 portions at 1 gram each, so I assume this one will be much the same.  The nicotine strength isn't listed, but the last one felt to be regular strength/strong, so I assume this one will be the same.

And of course, once again, it isn't for sale to us in the US.  I'll reach out to my friends in Sweden to see if I can get some to review.  It sounds delicious!

13 February 2018

Skruf Black Line: Ultra Strong (Original & White) - Reviews. 13 February 2018.

I can't believe it's been a year since I reviewed Skruf Black Line! My, time flies. Skruf has released two new Black Line products and these, honestly, caught me off guard. Swedish Match recently went into the ultra strong category with snus products as strong as 2.6% (26mg/g), and now with these Skruf has joined them as well. I was wondering if Skruf would ever release ultra strong products, and here they are. Last year, at the 2017 Snus Con, Skruf came to speak about their products to the attendees of Snus Con. One night at dinner, they mentioned that they and Swedish Match felt there should be a cap at 2.6% nicotine strength. With other companies going as high as 43mg/g and 45mg/g, Swedish Match and Skruf believe that 2.6% was a good market cap for nicotine strength.  For a while, there's been a "race to the top" for nicotine strength, but it seems as though Skruf and Swedish Match feel that there needs to be a level that products don't go past in regards to nicotine strength.

These new Black Line products are the highest nicotine products in the Skruf range and come in very interesting flavors!  What's interesting about these two is that they don't have the exact same taste.  That's not usually something I see in products launched in the same range with the same name.  But Skruf has always done things differently.

Skruf Black Line Ultra Strong Mint Licorice (Slim)

The flavor description for this product says, “Skruf Black Line Ultra Strong Mint Licorice Slim Portion Snus combines quality tobacco with balanced notes of mint and licorice.” This product comes in a 21.6 gram can with 24 portions for 0.9 gram portions. The nicotine strength is 26mg/g (2.6%) which breaks down to 23.40mg/portion.

This one is pretty interesting, and complex. I’m not usually a fan of blending mint and licorice, but this one really caught me off guard! The aroma is a rich tobacco smell with a bold aroma of black licorice. There is a mild aroma of mint and menthol in the background, as well. In the lip there is a nice burn, and as the burn subsides I noticed a cooling presence about 15 minutes in. The portions are moist, soft, comfortable, and quickly release flavor. The flavor of this one is very interesting. It is a nice mix of black licorice, rich tobacco flavor, and a mild mint/menthol flavor in the background. The mint/menthol taste doesn’t take over the flavor, it’s a nice compliment. The licorice taste becomes more salty the longer I have it in, and it almost matures into a salmiak flavor. The mint/menthol flavor does die out after a while. The nicotine hits strong and quickly, within about 5 minutes. Skruf has always been great about their free nicotine levels and I can feel it with this product. The flavor also lasts around 45 minutes.  I was quite surprised by this one and I actually enjoyed it!

Skruf Black Line Ultra Strong Mint White (Slim)

The flavor description for this one says, “Skruf Black Line Ultra Strong Mint Slim White Portion Snus uses the high quality Black Line snus and blends it with the flavor of mint and eucalyptus.” This product comes in a 16.8 gram can with 24 portions for 0.7 gram portions. The nicotine strength is 26mg/g (2.6%) which breaks down to 18.20mg/portion.

This one is more of your traditional mint/menthol snus.  The aroma is a sharp smell of peppermint accompanied by a gentle hint of menthol/eucalyptus. In the lip I notice a cooling presence and a light burn. The portions are soft and feel comfortable in the lip. The flavor of this one is a present taste of menthol, eucalyptus, and a gentle, fresh hint of peppermint. The nicotine hits pretty quickly for a white portion and delivers a pretty strong kick! The flavor lasts a good amount of time; I’ve found I can enjoy this one for a little over an hour.  As far as mint products go, there's a ton of them on the market as it is.  But I did enjoy the flavor balance of this one.

Both of these products are good but I will say the original portion mint/licorice was my favorite of the two.  And that's big for me, because I don't usually enjoy the pairing of those two flavors.  The white portion mint/menthol was also pretty good, as well.  If you like really strong snus, these are definitely worth a try!

09 February 2018

Pose Chew N' Park (Mint) - Review. 9 February 2018.

I review all kinds of products - snus, and non-snus. Though Snubie.com is a snus website, I generally try to cover smokeless tobacco alternatives that can help people quit smoking.  Today, we're talking about a product by the Art Factory in Sweden. They make Pose and Art products, and what really caught my eye about this one is that it comes in a round can. This one caught my eye because it was available in the Northerner's US warehouse. A friend of mine sent me a few cans to review so today we'll be doing something a little different from my usual snus review!

I always like to cut open new products to look at what's inside of them, especially if they aren't the usual snus products. Northerner describes these products by saying, "POSE pouches are a tobacco derived nicotine product with a chewing gum base. The nicotine in POSE is extracted from the tobacco plant. However; the product contains no tobacco plant matter (e.g., leaf, root) in any form. Therefore this product does not classify as smokeless tobacco."  So, what's inside the pouch isn't tobacco, but nicotine with a chewing gum base.

The flavor description for this product says, "POSE Mint All White 7mg delivers a refreshing flavor and nicotine in a discreet pouch. Refreshing flavor of peppermint.".  This product comes in a 7.5 gram can with 20 portions, which weigh 0.37 grams each. Northerner’s website says the nicotine content is 7mg/portion.

When I opened the can, the aroma that came through was rather faint. It’s a very light smell of mint, and it’s not too sweet. The portions are dry, and uncomfortable at first, but once they get more moist they get more comfortable. As is common of most mint products, there’s also a light cooling sensation that you’ll feel in the lip, as well. The taste is much like the aroma, very light. It’s a light taste of mint with a very mild sweetness. The nicotine strength on this feels to be comparable to regular 8mg/g Swedish Snus. The flavor lasts around the 30 to 40 minute mark, as well.

These products aren't for me.  But I realize there are people out there who want to quit smoking and give up tobacco as well, so I'm glad these products exist for people like that.  If you're wanting to continue using nicotine but quit tobacco, these are a good alternative!

07 February 2018

General Titanium Black (Canada) - Review. 7 February 2018.

I've reviewed snus products from Canada before. In 2014 I reviewed General Titanium, Titanium W, and Fresh Taste. In 2015 I received General Titanium Ice. Also, in 2015, I reviewed Belmont Mintense and White Mint. After I reviewed those, Canada passed a flavor ban, which meant snus products couldn't have any added flavor. The first "no added flavor" products I reviewed were GN Tobacco's Siberia Red and Lenny Extra Stark White.  Today, we're talking about General Titanium Black, a "no flavored added" product released from Swedish Match.  I want to give a shout out to Michael Tomkinson who sent me this can.  Snus in Canada is expensive.  How expensive, you may be asking?  He paid $42 for this single can of snus.  I know, it's insane.

What's interesting about this product is that it contains 48 snus portions at 0.9 grams each.  This is a regular sized snus can, but it doesn't have a catch lid, which helps fit more portions in it. There are 48 portions total weighing 0.9 grams each. I’m assuming that puts the can weight at 43.2 grams. The nicotine content listed on the bottom of the can says 25mg/g (2.5%), which would be 22.50mg/portion.

So, how do they fit 48 portions in a snus can?  You can tell from this photo that it comes in the star formation, but it's actually two star formations on top of each other.  24 snus portions on the top layer, 24 snus portions on the bottom layer.  It's really interesting.

Another interesting thing about General snus in Canada is that it comes with a freshness seal you'll encounter when you take the lid off. If you’re new to snus, it actually gives you instructions! “1. Pop a portion under your upper lip. 2. Wait for the tingling sensation. 3. Keep doing whatever you are doing. 4. Experience its authentic taste for up to 30 minutes.”  However, you can keep it in for longer.  This is a black portion, which is basically a white portion in a different colored pouch.  So you can use it as long as you would a white portion.

This is a comparison between a Swedish Match slim portion (top), a General Titanium Black (middle) and a Swedish Match White Portion (bottom).  You can see the Titanium Black portion is really slim, more slim than a regular slim portion.  It's also much slimmer than your regular white portion, despite the fact that the weight is close.

I know, all this is very interesting. But what I was most curious about was the flavor. How does a "no added flavor" product taste?  When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a rich, raw tobacco smell.  I don't pick up any citrus, nor do I pick up any pepper.  The portions are slim, and comfortable in the lip, as well.  The taste is very simple and basic.  It's a natural, earthy, raw tobacco taste.  And that's it.  I really don't pick up anything else.  The nicotine content, while listed at 25mg/g, doesn't feel anywhere near that strong.  I'd say it feels to be around the strong level, when comparing to other Swedish Snus products.  And while the freshness seal says 30 minutes, I've found I can keep a portion in for an hour, sometimes more.

I really enjoyed this product.  I love the double star formation, I love the slim but plump pouches, and the taste is fantastic.  I'm someone who likes the taste of tobacco, so I really dig this one.  If you're in Canada and have $42, grab a can and check it out.  It's awful that you Canadians have to pay so much, though.  I don't think we in the US can complain about shipping prices compared to what you have to deal with!

05 February 2018

Lundgren's Norrland (Perforated White & Slim White) - Reviews. 5 February 2018.

Today we're going to be talking about two new products from Fiedler and Lundgren. These are an interesting release. This product is replacing one that I reviewed a few years back, Lundgren's Perforated White. That product has been discontinued and is being replaced by this new Lundgren's Norrland White. It seems as though the Lundgren's brand now focuses on two different regions of Sweden. Norrland is, according to Wikipedia, "the northernmost, largest, least populated and least densely populated of the three traditional lands of Sweden, consisting of nine provinces". Lundgren's also has Lundgren's Skåne Perforated Vit and Lundgren's Skåne Vit Slim, and Skåne is, according to Wikipedia, the "the southernmost county of Sweden".  So, now, there are two product lines - one to correspond with northerner Sweden and one to correspond with southern Sweden.

Lundgren's Norrland (Perforated Vit)

The flavor description for this product says, "Lundgrens Norrland White Portion is a snus inspired by Sweden and the Swedish flora! The snus contains Swedish ecological tobacco and has a clear, fresh and floral taste. At the bottom there is a classic tobacco character that is topped with elements of spruce and mountain flowers." This product comes in a 21.6 gram can with 24 portions, for 0.9 grams each. The nicotine content is 8mg/g (0.8%), which breaks down to 7.20mg/portion.

Upon opening the can there is a light floral smell, a mellow, dark tobacco smell, and a present smell of spruce. The portions are the perforated white type which gives two benefits: a quick flavor release, but also a long lasting flavor, as well. The portion material is soft, and feels comfortable in the lip. The taste is pretty good, and better than the Lundgren’s Perforated White that this is replacing. The spruce is in the front, followed by a darker, earthy tobacco taste. There is a light floral taste, but it’s in the background. The nicotine feels to be about regular strength and has a decent kick. The flavor lasts about an hour on average.

Lundgren's Norrland (Slim White)

The flavor description for this one says, "Lundgrens Norrland Slim White Portion is a snus inspired by Sweden and the Swedish flora! The snus contains Swedish ecological tobacco and has a clear, fresh and floral taste. At the bottom there is a classic tobacco character that is topped with elements of spruce and mountain flowers.” This product comes in a 19.2 gram can with 24 portions for 0.8 gram portions. The nicotine content is 8mg/g (0.8%), which breaks down to 6.40mg/portion.

This product is basically the same as the other one, but a little bit milder in taste. Because it's not perforated, the flavor doesn't release as quickly, and it's not as present.  The aroma is very much the same, a little floral smell, a mild but dark tobacco character, and a smell of spruce.  The portions are slim and white, slightly dryer than your average white portion but still comfortable in the lip.  The flavor is very similar to the perforated white, but is more mild.  There is a gentle taste of spruce, a mild and dark tobacco taste, then just a light floral presence in the background.  The nicotine feels to be about regular strength, and I've found the flavor lasts a little over an hour.  So I get more longevity out of this one, but the flavor is more mild.

As far as these two go, I'd say they're better than the Lundgren's Perforated White I reviewed in the past.  I really dig the spruce taste in these, it definitely feels nature inspired.  I'd suggest checking both out!

01 February 2018

Thunder Chew Bags: Original - Review. 1 February 2018.

I originally reviewed this product about 3 years ago as part of a big review of all the Thunder Chew Bag products. I've been going back and doing video reviews of these products, so I figured I would do updated text reviews, as well. I'm not going to go to in depth on this review about the differences between Nordic Chew (as these chew bag products are called) and Swedish Snus, but if you want you can check out this video and it's more in depth about the differences. The flavor description for this product says, "Thunder Original Chew has a traditional tobacco flavor with hints of bergamot." This product comes in a 17.6 gram can with 22 portions for 0.8 gram portions. The nicotine content is 16mg/g (1.6%) which breaks down to 12.8mg/portion.

In case you're new to chew bags, here is a V2 chew bag and a V2 snus portion, cut open to show a comparison between the two. This is how V2 describes their chew bag products: “The tobacco leaves are heated and moistened with steam so they can be cut into smaller pieces. The tobacco for Thunder Chewing Bags are pieces cut with a length of between 5 - 50 mm and a width of 0.6-0.8 mm. The bags used are specially designed to be chewed to release flavor and nicotine. It is made from a paper with a special weave which is thicker and much stronger than the type of bag that snus is packed in. Thunder Chewing Bags are also fundamentally different from the other chewing tobacco products on the market by being cut tobacco in small bags while others are made from spun tobacco.” Though these are called "chew bags" and V2 mentions the pouches being able to be chewed, I have never done that with these or any other chew bags. I simply put them in my upper lip and enjoy them like snus!  Chew bags are basically made the same as snus but are called "chew bags" so they can legally be sold in the EU where snus is banned.  I know, it makes no sense but hey - that's the EU.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is is a gentle tobacco smell with a slight sweetness to it. The portions are dryer than a white portion snus and the tobacco inside the pouch is relatively compact and concentrated to one side of the pouch. I do suggest fluffing these to loosen it up, and then it becomes much more comfortable.  The flavor is predominantly tobacco, which comes through in a mild, gentle way.  There's a light sweetness to it, as well, but it doesn't detract from the tobacco taste.  The nicotine strength feels to be a little stronger than a strong snus, so there's a nice extra kick to it.  I've always praised chew bags for their flavor longevity, and with these I've found I can enjoy them for about an hour and a half - really impressive!

If you're somewhere that can't get snus, but you can get chew bags, I suggest trying these out if you like tobacco centric flavors.